Feds Post Jobs on Facebook and Twitter

Using social networks suddenly got much more important in today's tough economy. Federal agencies such as the Internal Revenue Service and U.S. Department of Defense are now posting job openings on Facebook and Twitter.

Several of the federal agencies have been posting job openings and recruiters are actively connecting to job hopefuls, according to the Washington Post.

A potential job seeker named Samantha wrote: "This is a great page! I'm currently a 3L and taking the bar in IL this summer, next year I'm getting my LL.M. in Taxation, so while I won't need a job until the summer of 2012 staying up to date about job opportunities at the IRS is invaluable! Thanks for this."

An IRS recruiter replied to Samantha's post, saying that although there weren't any positions available now, the headhunter would keep her in mind and asked her to stay in touch.

For many who find the federal jobs process daunting, the new open communication on Facebook and Twitter could make the process simpler. The federal agencies also alert followers to career workshops and fairs.

While most of us know that attorneys, admissions officers and potential employers will scan our Facebook profiles for drunken photos, gang affiliations or embarrassing information, it's good to know that at least we can find a federal job in the same place we play FarmVille.

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