Transamerica's Twisty Sidekick Casts a Shadow

The star of today's show is not the Transamerica's twisty cylinder neighbor. It's the potential shadow impact of the building on on the parks to the east. Because shadows will in fact happen, and they will in fact make landfall on grass, the city had to take a closer look at the whole thing yesterday.

No action will be taken until the enviro report's finalized, but we did get some solid shadow numbers from the hearing, in terms of some funky units called "shadow square foot hours." Suffice to say that in Maritime Plaza, 0.88 percent of total sunlight would be impacted, largely for two summer months after 5:45 p.m.

And in Sue Bierman Park, an immeasurably small amount, possibly teasing— possibly caressing— the edge of a sidewalk. And to atone for this, the developer will expand the existing Redwood Park, renovate it, gift it to the city— and then maintain it at their cost "in perpetuity." Ah... the devil, he is a tricky one.

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