Filippa K: The Ikea of Fashion

A Swedish fashion firm focuses on creating high-quality classic pieces

Everyone needs basic items in his or her wardrobe: a crisp white shirt, light wool trousers for cooler weather, a snappy jacket and an elegant coat. With the recession forcing people to be more selective with their purchases, many retailers have gone back to “basics”.

The problem is that too many of them have compromised on fit, fabric and finish. Worse, they have not updated their look, giving us the same styles from previous years. A Wall Street analyst recently accused clothing retailers of recycling too many boring old styles, which she called “recession-ware”. At a time when clothing companies should be doing all they can to tempt us to buy, it seems they’re doing the opposite.

That’s why I like Filippa K, a Swedish brand that brings the cool, edgy, minimalist style reminiscent of Swedish interior design to fashion. Their clothes fit well and last a long time, but they're not bland.

I have two shirts and a pair of wool trousers that still look very good after seven years. If you have to spend money this season, I would recommend replacing your old worn out basics with high quality pieces from Filippa K.

The San Francisco boutique, which opened in 2008, has clothing and accessories for men and women. You’ll find women’s dresses that are versatile enough to wear for work and play, but also knitwear, jackets and coats that will liven up any wardrobe.

The menswear is also strong at Filippa K. The shirts, trousers and jackets feel solid and well-made, but they are not boring. Guys who are entering the workplace for the first time will discover that Filippa K is a good place to find items that form the basis of a sophisticated wardrobe that will last for years.

Filippa K. 66 Kearney Street, San Francisco, CA 94108. (415) 951-0210.

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