FillmoreWatch: Sheba Rent Hike, Rasselas on the Market?

The Fillmore: Much has been written about the changing face of the Fillmore, from Yoshi's to the Kabuki, and the latest phase in the neighborhood's redevelopment took place this week in the debut of the Fillmore Center Plaza. With it, BeyondChron shares some notable rumblings from area involving two of the few remaining casual jazz clubs in the area. Thanks to the new plaza next door, Sheba Lounge gets a new patio, but with it, a big unwanted rent hike. Furthermore, Rasselas across the street is reportedly on the market.

In our humble opinion, with apologies to the underrated 1300, the area is still looking for a defining place that really captures the neighborhood zeitgeist, a local destination a la Nopa, Beretta or Serpentine. There are some nice music venues, to be sure, but not much in the dining category. Sidenote: anyone else appreciate the irony of the effect the redevelopment, though probably needed, is having on local restaurants? And what, if anything, do you think the Fillmore needs to really shape up?
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