Meet The Band: Finish Ticket

Alameda band is on the rise

Tamara Palmer

We first met Finish Ticket at this year's Sunset Sessions, an annual showcase for artists to connect with radio and media. The Alameda-based band has literally come of age through the Bay Area's supportive of all ages live scene, with most members having just reached age 21 in the past few months, and is swiftly moving into a wider array of opportunity.

The debut album Tears You Apart was released in late February and the indie pop rock quartet has already had its share of fan worship: Bassist Michael Hoye, whose identical twin Brendan is the lead singer, has already encountered the unsettling sight of a girl bursting into tears upon seeing him.

See for yourself if Finish Ticket is swoon-worthy — the band plays live on May 9 at Rickshaw Stop and May 19 at Live 105 BFD at Shoreline Amphitheatre.

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