Fire Pit Nice: Romance Package at Pebble Beach

Ahoy, Valentine's Day: Get canoodling with the Spanish Bay Romance Escape.

WE MAY BE GOLDEN-STATERS... from way back, even from birth, maybe. Our families may have called certain counties or cities home for decades -- we'll take a moment to say "holler, Central Valley!" here, if we might -- and we may have seen everything from the redwoods to the Salton Sea. But if we haven't sat fairly close to the Pacific Ocean, in a cozy sweater, in a cooler time of the year, as a fire pit flickers nearby, then we haven't filled out one of the main getaway daydreams that bevies of Californians share. Right? Because it is hard to open a brochure or guidebook detailing our coastline without that iconic scene: a sweet couple, a wrap, the Pacific, a fire pit, and, we hope, some sort of hot beverage nearby. Call it the flipside beach picture to the standard bikini-trunks-rollerblades thing that people think of when they think of our state. And call it a bucket-list bullet point of the easy kind. And call Pebble Beach Resorts, if you're so tempted, because the Spanish Bay Romance Escape is very much about some of these iconic elements.

LIKE... the Pacific Ocean, for one, being right there. Like a swanky Inn at Spanish Bay accommodation that's walking distance to the waves, too, and breakfast for two at Roy's, and a comp'd glass of bubbly for each of you. And the new fire pit patio at STICKS. Seriously, we'd find a seat out there, watch the seabirds, watch the sky change color at twilight, and vow to fill our bucket list with more one-night getaways of a posher sort. Seriously, what is it with bucket lists being all about the bigger stuff? Add some medium stuff, too, that's a bit closer to home, but just as iconic. And if you don't believe us on the "iconic" bit, again, look at any beach brochure about our state. Somewhere along the lines you'll spy a couple fire-pit-ing it up, steps from the Pacific. Nice.

The Spanish Bay Romance Escape is available through March 31, 2014.

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