Fireball Streaks Across NorCal Sky

Many Report Bright Light

Did you see the brief and bright show in the sky over the Central Valley on Tuesday evening?

David Kenyon, an astronomy professor at Sierra College, said the fireball seen from Rocklin to Modesto was a relatively common occurrence.

"Actually, these large events probably occur a few times a week," said Kenyon, who captured the fireball on video from his home in Rocklin.

Many local residents called the KCRA 3 newsroom after spotting the light in the sky.

Kenyon said the fireball was a kind of meteor, which consisted of interstellar material that burned up as it entered the Earth's atmosphere.

He added that this particular fireball likely originated from material that measured at least a few centimeters across. Fireballs are also known as bollides.

Kenyon, who is part of the Fireball Network, regularly points a camera skyward in hope of capturing such events on video.

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