Four Days of Riverdance

Plus, Chinese Zodiac art and a Craptacular Christmas

IRISH PRIDE: Arms straight? Check. Hair curled? Check. Beaming smiles while legs are moving at a ridiculously rapid pace? Check and check - you are now ready for Riverdance. Get to the Golden Gate Theater tonight at 1pm or 7:30 p.m. for the opening night of only eight Irish dance performances.

CRAPPY CHRISTMAS: While some may associate christmas with happiness and wholesome family time, the crowd at the Make Out Room tonight has a very different opinion of the holiday. Parker's Third Annual Holiday Craptacular is the time for drunken debauchery, sober realizations and soul crushing depression. In addition this joy, all proceeds benefit the SF Food Bank. Bring a nonperishable food item and prepare a hangover remedy in advance. [funcheapSF]

WHAT'S YOUR SIGN?: We're not talking about scorpios and geminis here - this art exhibition takes it back a little further. In celebration of the coming Year of the Tiger, the library has compiled 21-paintings of the 12 animals in Chinese Zodiac Paintings from Taiwan. Head to the third floor of the main library for a glimpse.


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