Frosted Animal Cookie Brooches

Plus, a $15K-a-night hotel room and veggies for your face

DELICIOUS JEWELRY: Remember those frosted animal cookies with the sprinkles that you used to pick out of the cookie jar, leaving the unfrosted ones for your unlucky siblings? Now you can relive those childhood memories with the creations of local company Cherry Dot, which specializes in jewelry modeled after cupcakes, Twinkies, and other sweet treats. We love the frosted animal cookie brooches, and at $7.99 each, you can buy a whole bag of them.  

LAP OF LUXURY: Got an extra $15,000 hanging around? Then be sure to head over to The Fairmont in San Francisco in mid-September to stay in the newly renovated penthouse. In addition to your luxurious digs, you get access to a chef, personal trainer, and a Ferrari California, among other things. [LA Times]

VEGGIE FACE: Glamwatch has the scoop on a Cow Hollow spa that uses goods from a local farmer's market to create amazing facial products. [Glamwatch]

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