Avoid Victoria Beckham Style Nip Slip with Nippies Natural

Victoria beckham skinny jeans

The cute skinny jeans, the fabulous jacket & bag, the flattering waist-whittling top...the weird puffy and telltale shiny silicon nipple covers failing to actually cover.

To avoid this less-than-posh fashion faux pas committed recently at the Milan airport, stock up on Nippies Natural: thin reusable covers made from a skin-like silicon with tapered edges to prevent unsightly lumps or bumps. The matte finish keeps the girls paparazzi-proof - no telltale shine reflected back through clothing - and smooth under plunging necklines, racerback tanks, sheers, mesh lingerie, swimwear and even active wear.

Available from Bristols6.com in two versions: Non-Adhesive which relies on body heat to stick to curves, and Adhesive for more durable non-budge placement.

- Lesley Scott


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