Marc Jacobs Bares All for Harper's Bazaar


A nude Marc Jacobs is paying homage to late designer and artist Stephen Sprouse on the new cover of Harper's Bazaar, splattered in the words Louis Vuitton in fuschia paint, and "clad" only in a new LV bag. "It's about taking something that's very iconic and revered and defacing it and creating something new, something rebellious, and kind of punk," Jacobs explains about the limited edition weekender, based on his 2001 hit collaboration with Sprouse which was originally intended for editorial use only.


"Cut from Marcel Duchamp to me going to see Charlotte Gainsbourg's apartment. She had, by the side of her bed, a Louis Vuitton trunk that had been painted black by her father, and the Monogram was sort of peeking through. He had this desire to take what he saw in the streets and elevate it," Jacobs says of Sprouse. "He was using all this stuff that was so costly, really beautiful materials, and he was doing it all so beautifully. There are so many people who try to affect a street style, but it doesn't have the integrity. Stephen's work was so stylistic, and it had street cred. You can't calculate that. You have it or you don't, and Stephen did."

The issue will be on stands December 16th, featuring the Terry Richardson cover. To check out the entire interview, visit

- Lesley Scott

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