Worst Fashion Trends of 2008


Uggs....ugh. Fanny packs...please.  Celeb perfumes...do you really wanna smell like Paris Hilton?  While the year was fashionable in so many ways (glamorous shine, fabulous florals, ladylike loveliness), here is Lemondrop's fun list of the Top 10 most cringeworthy, tickety tackity trends of 2008 that really must die:

  1. Jaunty Hats Paging Samantha Ronson & Agyness Deyn: thanks for ruining a classic
  2. Uggs Over. So Over.
  3. Celeb Perfumes Just because you can smell like Mariah or Paris or Hilary or Britney, does it mean you really want to?
  4. Scarves, Scarves Everywhere Pete Wentz, Lil Wayne, Kirsten Dunst...too many of the same interchangeable celebs in the same interchangeable scarves.
  5. Fanny Packs Unspeakable.
  6. Sunglasses at Night  Don't be that loser. Just don't.
  7. Crop Tops Trust us, no one wants to see your belly (or Speidi for that matter).
  8. Leggings Look good on precisely no one.
  9. High-Waisted Jeans  If they make Mischa Barton look like that, imagine what they're doing to you.
  10. Gladiator Sandals Probably Ye Olde Renaissance Festival weirdos are to blame.

- Lesley Scott


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