Gap Founder Trashes Presidio Art Museum Dream

Donald Fisher's reign of terror is over! The villain who had sought to convert a parking lot and bowling alley into an art museum has given up his nefarious designs on the Presidio in humiliation.

Did he actually think that San Francisco would allow the oldest of its pieces to ever be modified? Especially if it meant giving up parking spaces? HA. Now the Presidio can return to what it once was and always shall be: a gigantic, partially-beautiful piece of land that nobody remembers exists.

The reasons for Don's throwing-up of hands in frustration aren't totally clear, but the term "public clusterfuck" might begin to cover it. What straw finally broke the camel's back?

Was it the parking complaints, the architecture complaints, the personal complaints, simmering resentment about the lamentable Cupid's Arrow? Who knows. The point is, the only way to get something done in San Francisco is to do it somewhere else.

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