Prop 8 Supporters Embroiled in Nasty ‘Divorce'

One extreme group claims another extreme group is too extreme

One group that supported Proposition 8, which bans same-sex marriage is now trying to distance itself from its former allies.

Protect says other groups that backed Prop 8 are too extreme.

They claim one one of them is Campaign for California Families run by Randy Thomasson. He has butted heads with other Prop 8 supporters for years.

Thomasson and his allies, in 2005 and again in January, proposed initiatives that bans same-sex marriage and that also "voids or makes unenforceable" rights conferred by California law on couples, gay or heterosexual, registered as domestic partners, including community property, child custody, hospital visitation and insurance benefits, reported SFGate.

Protect says Thomasson's efforts to outlaw same-sex marriage and curb domestic partnership goes further than most California voters are willing to go.

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