The following content is created in consultation with Sofia University, a California graduate school that takes a holistic approach to learning. It does not reflect the work or opinions of NBC BAY AREA's editorial staff. To learn more about Sofia University's curriculum, visit Sofia.edu.

Whether you’ve always wanted to be a therapist, or are just now considering a midlife career change into a profession with more autonomy, purpose and meaning, obtaining your psychology degree at Sofia University is the ideal way to go for busy Bay Area professionals.

That’s because Sofia University, the Silicon Valley-based graduate school specializing in psychology, has crafted a curriculum that is custom fit to our demanding lifestyles. By combining online coursework with face-to-face instruction from professors, Sofia University offers a wide variety of Psychology degrees—from BACs to PhDs—that can be completed while you remain fully engaged with the pace of your day-to-day life.

But it’s Sofia University’s pioneering programs that truly make it stand out. By integrating standard psychology with mindfulness, mind–body–spirit awareness, whole person education and creative expression, students are given a holistic education. In fact, Sofia University is the only school that specializes in transpersonal psychology and related consciousness research.

Sofia University offers the best of psychological science with contemplative and spiritually oriented approaches to science. Courses are delivered through a whole person integration of mind, body and spirit practices. You can take contemplative neuroscience alongside courses in mindfulness, positive psychology and creative expression. Additionally, the program provides broad, yet unique opportunities for research in psychology related to expanded human experience, meditation, cultural and consciousness studies, philosophical and theoretical psychology, organizations and leadership, comparative religion, ecopsychology, and human neuroscience.

Founded in 1975, Sofia University's teaching method weighs heavily on an experiential education model that integrates six qualities of life into its coursework: intellectual, emotional, physical, spiritual, creative and relational. Sofia University offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees, and is a world leader in transpersonal research as well as the education of wellness caregivers and clinicians.

To learn more about Sofia University’s Psychology Programs for Fall 2015, as well as how you can receive a $2,000 tuition credit for your first year, visit Sofia.edu.

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