Giant Knucklebusters a Knockout Hit

Word on the streets has it, Shotwell and Wonderland SF have been selling out of something that's only left us wondering, what won't San Franciscans try at least once? Although we can appreciate their material appeal, we're having a hard time visualizing these gargantuan quartz and amethyst rock rings by Adina Mills on someone's delicate hands who doesn't aim to startle.

As it turns out, the rings have proven to be incrediby popular at Shotwell, where the store can barely keep the rings in stock.

Leave it to San Francisco to turn this could-be-a-miss into a hit. If you dare go there, we'd recommend pairing one of these decorative show-stoppers with a minimal getup, while an economy-sized ring of this cast will easily stand on its own. Try it with a gem-toned maxi dress and a comfortable pair of sandal wedges.

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