Holiday Shopping Guide: Gifts for Pets

Don't forget Fido and Fluffy! When it comes to holiday shopping, show your four-legged friends how much you love them with these stylish treats.

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DOGS // COACH LEGACY STRIPE DOG SWEATER: Yep, that's Coach as in *Coach*, purveyor of luxury accessories for we of the two-legged variety. This sweater, with its understated palette and lack of any visible logo, represents one of their more low-key creations... because that's how Rex rolls. $148,
Harry Barker
CATS // ALL NATURAL BIRDIE CATNIP TOYS: Give the cat in your life a natural high... some kitty-cannibus that is also azo-free and swathed in 100% cotton. $.50 each,
CATS // WETNOZ ULTRA FAT CAT LUXURY DISH: Not only is this dish sleek and pretty, it's been designed for "anti-whisker stress." Really. Made from premium grade stainless stell and non-skid rubber accents. $34.50,
Crystal Carter
CATS // SLIPPER BED: This plush slipper-shaped bed is the perfect gift for an excessively pampered pup. It comes in one size, 27" x 17", is covered in faux fur and is lined with fleece. If you thought that pet was a princess before, just wait 'til it gets its paws on this. $120,
CATS // CATVANTAGE MODULAR CAT TREE: The design of this cat tree is modern and mobile; it allows a cat-owner to place it in any corner and adjust the steps to any height. And heck, if the cat won't use it, it could hold lots of books and tchotchkes, too. $210,
Angelea Preston Facebook
CATS // BULLE DE NUA: These modern spheres were designed in France with the original purpose of decorative storage. tipped us off to their alternate use as a cozy cat cottage. Something for both of you. Imagine that. $275 US,
Angelea Preston Facebook
DOGS // LOVE PET ID TAG: If you didn't know this was for a dog, wouldn't you consider wearing this yourself? We would. This hand-hammered and hand-stamped aluminum tag is a one-of-a-kind gift for a one-of-kind pet. $15,
DOGS // ECO BONES: These bones have been rigorously tested (read rigorously chewed) for both safety and durability. The two-toned squeakies have the stamp of approval of an ecological certifier, and come in two sizes: "10, or "7 for smaller pups. $9.50,
Angelea Preston Facebook
DOGS // HARRY BARKER BAG-O-TREATS: Naturally baked hypo-allergenic, these treats come in two of our favorite flavors: peanut butter and bacon, and are packaged stylishly in 100% cotton canvas bags. Any pup would love 'em, but resist the temptation to snack on them yourself. $30,
DOGS // URBAN ESSENTIALS UNION JACK COLLAR: This super-cool Union Jack design will make a stylish statement for a Brit-loving pup. And Fido might start barking with an accent, too. $21,
DOGS // LOKI PUPPY LEATHER COLLAR: This soft leather, custom-dyed collar is a statement-maker in punk-ish pink. Also features a bone-shaped buckle and has a D-ring for easy ID attachment. $24.99,
Trendy Pet
DOGS // TRENDY PET BOWLS: Available in heights of four to 18 inches, these modish pet food/water bowls let your pets consume in style what they'll later stylishly deposit on your rug. $39 and up,
DOGS // HARDWOOD DOG CRATE: OK, so it looks like something out of an airplane catalog -- we get it. But does that mean that a hideous metal crate has to dominate the living room of every dog owner? Nah! This one's available in black wood or mahogany, and doubles as a pretty good-looking end table. $299-$399,
Josh Keppel
DOGS // WOWO DOG POD: Modern design-lovers (with deep pockets) will appreciate this unique pet bed. Suitable for toy or small dogs and, we think, large, stylish cats. $598,
DOGS // LE CORBUSIER STYLE SOFA: Fido deserves to lounge in style... and you deserve a stylish home. Finally the two are no longer mutually exclusive with this Le Corbusier-inspired doggie bed. $210 and up,
Angelea Preston Facebook
DOGS // PET'S EYE VIEW CAMERA: Seeing things from your pet's perspective will provide hours of fun. Plus, you might finally find some of those missing socks. This camera is water-resistant, stores up to 35 photos and can be programmed to snap in 1, 5, or 15 minute intervals. $47.95,
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