Good News/Bad News: Nettie's Crab Shack

Cow Hollow: Open for about month, Nettie's Crab Shack is faced with the unique task of overcoming a Union Street space that should be prime real estate but thanks to a few quick flops in the past, has found a place on our Cursed Restaurant Spaces Map. The pedigree—Spruce and Chez Panisse are on the owners' resumes—is there, as is an accessible, innocuous menu that appeals to Marina palates and the midscale mindset of diners these days. But can it break the streak set by its predecessors? To the buzz we go:

1) Good News: "When it comes to dessert, Nettie's is my new favorite. As we were discussing dessert, Nettie was nearby and whispered in Pam's ear: butterscotch pudding. She wasn't wrong. It was tres yummy — and to add to the sin of it all, topped with whipped cream ($5)." [The GAW]

2) Bad News: "Plenty of positives: nice atmosphere, interesting wine list, super-extra friendly staff... but... bottom line: mediocre food, at best. The crab cake appetizer had two dinky cakes and a handful of fresh-made potato chips. The chips were good. The cakes were so-so ... The fish and chips were pretty poor. The breading was greasy, as others have noticed, and the chips were dry and bland." [Yelp]

3) Surprising News: "Steeling myself for Union Street prices, it was nice to find out that it wasn't as bad as I thought and the menu was priced well for its location." [SFW]

4) WTF News: "If your restaurant is named 'Nettie's Crab Shack' I think crab should make at least two appearances on the menu. One crab cake dish does not cut it." Yes, it's not Dungeness season yet, but still, the people speak. [Eater Inbox]

5) Mediocre News: "The crab cakes were luscious and gone quickly ... the fish & chips arrived with a little pool of oil at one end. The waiter made me feel a bit better by letting me know it was rice bran oil, but it still should have been drained before it got to the plate." [SFW]

6) Smart Business News: "Lunch. It's one of the few good restaurants open midday in the Marina, and with large, airy windows and a sun-drenched patio, Nettie's is at its best when the sun's out..." [Citysearch]

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