Gorgeous Bike Folds Up Into a Leather Bag

While there are plenty of foldable commuter bikes out there, they all end up looking pretty weird and ugly when you actually ride them. It's the price to pay for being able to keep your bike in your studio apartment. But that's not the case with Wallpaper magazine's beautiful new foldable bike.

Not only does the bike, commissioned by Wallpaper magazine and designed by Japanese makers Kinfolk and Portland-based painters Coat, look flat-out great, but it also can be carried around in a handsome satchel.

Of course, you'll pay dearly. And I mean dearly: the bike itself is about $3,800 with the bag somehow costing an additional $3,900. Yikes! For that much money, just pay someone to drive you around, it'd be easier.

Wallpaper via BornRich

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