Governor Arnold to Personally Submerge Angel Island

Closures to California state parks may be coming soon, including to the bay area. But there's still hope! The California State Parks Foundation isn't taking this lying down (on a beach blanket with its shirt off, smeared with suntan lotion).

It's compiled an excellent clickable map showing all of the proposed closures, with contact info for politicians whom you can nag. Leno, Strickland, and Yee are your points of contact for the closest threatened parklands.

We hate to admit it, but we've never been to any of these places. Candlestick Point? Thornton? We really need to get out of the city more. And San Buenaventura State Beach is totally unfamiliar to us -- probably because it is hundreds of miles away in Ventura, not Daly City as the map suggests. (They probably meant San Bruno State Park.)

Meanwhile, SF Weekly poses a valid question: what exactly does "closed" mean? How does one close a grassy field?
Also! According to some guy on Twitter, every dollar that CA spends on parks brings in an additional $2.35 in taxes. That might be true! Or maybe it isn't! Who knows!

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