Greening the Civic Center: Second Time's the Charm?

Gavin's dreams for a visionary green building to house the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission bit the dust a few months ago, but we should all know big dreams die hard. If you'll recall, SFPUC's director was apprehensive at the thought of spending large on a prestige project and nixed the plan in favor of a building more modestly green. But, obviously undeterred, Gavin has unveiled his vision for the Civic Center as a wondrous, energy-efficient Garden of Eden. The plan was announced at the beginning of his second term, but, perhaps armed with new render porn, our green mayor hopes to galvanize support for this latest prestige project. We're light on deets at the moment (more coming Oct. 20), but we know that SFPUC, the very org that balked at building their own green fortress, is set to throw about $2.5 million toward the Civic Center's transformation. Will it happen? Taking bets now...
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