Greeting 2014 on the Move: Napa Valley Wine Train

Is this the year you gussy it up and finally board the moving party?

ON-THE-MOVE MERRIMENT: The traveling house shindig or progressive dinner party is oft-promoted as the newest trend in holiday entertaining. We'll wager that people have always been down with the idea of jumping from dining room to dining room, because A) you don't have to do all the cooking and clean-up for an entire supper and B) it's fun and nicely nosy to check out your neighbors' digs, especially when they're dressed up for the holidays. But merrymaking that's on the move doesn't always mean putting on the coats and walking to the next house down the block, for the appetizer course. It can mean actually being on the move, physically, aboard a conveyance that isn't grounded in place. And while few of us indulge in plane parties, which sounds oh-so-jet-set-y, we do rather like to head onto boats for brunches and trains for holiday gatherings. Because trains kind of own the Big Holiday Moments, right? According to children's classics, they do. So if you're looking for a moving celebration, but not a house-to-house thing, and not a plane, either, you know where to look: Napa Valley.

WINE TRAIN NEW YEAR'S EVE: Wine country's famous toot-toot is doing up the final day of 2013 in appropriately fill-up-yer-glasses fashion. The Blackjack Ball is caviar'd-out and the wine train is be-photo-booth'd and be-casino-tabled. And are people wearing their finest duds? You betcha. This isn't a comfy-casual-nice dinner party, this is Tuxedo-and-Shiny-Frock-Land, so doing it up is practically mandatory. (We know, "mandatory" isn't a fun word, but when it comes to dressing well for a special occasion, it definitely takes on a merrier mien.) For more on the wine toasts, after-party, and all the hello-2014-y haps, lay tracks for the Wine Train's official site.

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