Greg Anderson Found in Contempt of Court

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Greg Anderson, the notorious BALCO trainer and childhood friend of Barry Bonds, refused to testify on Tuesday during the Barry Bonds trial.

And it didn't take long for Judge Susan Illston to find him in contempt of court, stating that Anderson's refusal to testify is "causing a lot of dislocation." She then promptly ordered Anderson back to prison, just as she promised earlier this month.

"It is my intention to ask that you be remanded into the Marshal’s custody," Judge Illston said.

Anderson, of course, has already spent more than a year in jail and apparently remains completely unfazed by the possibility of spending another two-to-four weeks (the approximate length of Bonds' trial) behind bars.

Which makes the request from Judge Illston as Anderson left the courtroom even less likely to come to fruition.

"I wish you would change your mind," Illston said. "If you do change your mind, let someone know as soon as possible."

Whoever that someone might be is pretty unlikely to hear from Anderson -- he's proven multiple times that he's entirely willing to spend time behind bars in order to help keep Bonds from being prosecuted to the fullest extent.

And considering that most people believe the prosecution needs the testimony of Anderson in order to actually convict Bonds, there's a good chance he's succeeding. If one can do that while spending time in jail for failing to cooperate with the federal government anyway.

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