Gun Fired in Oakland School Classroom

Initial thought was radiator explosion

Oakland school officials are holding a meeting Wednesday to provide details to parents after a gun was fired in an eighth-grade classroom.

School officials say the single shot fired Tuesday at Cole Middle School hit a radiator and ricocheted. No one was hit by the round. The 13-year-old student accused of bringing the loaded weapon to the school was taken to juvenile hall, officials said.

A letter from the principal sent home with students explained that there had been an incident involving students' physical safety on campus but it didn't mention a gun.

Some parents are upset that the gun was not mentioned in the letter. The school's superintendent saw the letter but did not add the information about the gun.

"I did see the letter perhaps it should have been more specific," said Roberta Mayor.  "I think the specificity would have helped to allay their fears because certainly the children were not in continuing danger."

The incident began with three boys sitting together near a radiator. The initial thought was that the radiator exploded, so the teacher cleared the classrom, according to Oakland Unified School District spokeswoman Laura Moran. The school was also evacuated.

But, a gun was found in the emptied room.

Mayor said it was an accidental discharge.

"We're still not exactly sure how the gun went off," Oakland Unified School District spokesman Troy Flint said. He said the boy might have triggered the gun as he was digging through his backpack.

No one was hurt but one student complained about ringing in her ears, Flint said.

The meeting Wednesday starts at 4 p.m.

The meeting Wednesday starts at 4 p.m.

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