Hayward’s Beauty Is in the Eye of the Beholder

A new mural in Hayward has people talking.

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Joe Rosato Jr.
A view of the new mural on Foothill Boulevard in Hayward. Artist Andrew Kong Knight started planning it a year ago, and began painting in August.
The mural takes up the entire wall of a furniture store on Foothill Boulevard as you enter Hayward from the North.
Artist Andrew Kong Knight has been working on the project for a year, and actually painting for six months. He hopes the scenes of Hayward's rural nature will calm and relax drivers as they enter town.
Wikimedia Commons
A scene of Bay Area coastline from the mural by Andrew Kong Knight.
Joe Rosato Jr.
A portion of the mural depicts a trail scene that Knight says is not far from the mural's location. Knight spent days hiking the hills around Hayward taking photographs which he used for reference.
Joe Rosato Jr.
Knight's son Drew wipes down a tree on the mural. Knight's two children helped on the project from hiking hills to take pictures, to painting on the mural.
Joe Rosato Jr.
A view of the giant oak tree on the mural. Knight and his kids hiked the hills for two days searching for an oak tree similar to one he envisioned. He wanted to photograph it to use as a reference for the mural.
Kane County Chronicle
A painting of poppies is so detailed, Knight says a group of hummingbirds try to land on the flowers.
Joe Rosato Jr.
Visitors to the work site sign a guest book. Knight plans to invite them to a to-be-determined opening dedication.
Getty Images
Knight and his daughter touch up the mural, four floors up. NBC Bay Area Photographer Jeremy Carroll is on the ground shooting video of closeup details.
Joe Rosato Jr.
Drew Knight looks up the scaffolding to where his dad is working.
A seed pod sits in the foreground of the massive painted oak tree. Knight says he wants the mural to show the natural parts of Hayward that people don't normally associate with the city.
A very real bug perches on a painting of a catail plant.
Joe Rosato Jr.
Artist Andrew Kong Knight and his two children/helpers sit on the edge of the scaffolding.
A scenic view of trees from the mural. Knight said many visitors asked him if the scenes showed Hayward from a century ago. They were suprised to learn the scenes are all modern.
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