Hieroglyphics Join Gun Control Debate

Song explores an Oakland perspective

The new song and video from Oakland's legendary rap crew Hieroglyphics contributes a view or two to the national debate on gun control.

"Gun Fever" illuminates a perspective that's in focus to fellow residents from Oakland, including those who might carry illegal firearms out of fear of being hurt or killed on the streets. The action-packed and reality-injected video was directed by Hieroglyphics member Casual and the song was produced by Gully Duckets.

"We are not promoting guns or violence," member Tajai writes about the song on the Hiero Imperium website, "but simply expressing our thoughts on the issue and encouraging further dialogue."

It's a grey area that a lot of people can relate to that needed discussing and an angle that is impactful coming from Hieroglyphics, which has been a steady ambassador for Bay Area hip-hop to the world for more than 20 years. 10 years have passed since the whole collective recorded a full album together but there has been a consistent flow of music from individual members and affiliated groups.

The group is also a style classic. The iconic third eye logo of the Hieroglyphics has international reach and recognition even beyond the music.

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