His Lips Are Sealed Until You Promote Him

Man sews lips to demand promotion

Apparently one worker didn't get the memo that the world is in an encomic recession.  An unnamed Mexican state water company worker wanted a promotion really, really, really bad.

How badly?

Well, so badly, in fact, he actually sewed his lips together to draw attention to his five-year fight to get a promotion. Ouch.

The man used a needle and thread to put five stitches through his lips in front of the water company headquarters in the eastern city of Veracruz. Ouch.

Would you do what this man did to get a promotion? How about to save your job? Would you be willing to do something else embarassing or painful/

After the man pierced his lips, he handed a statement to reporters on Monday saying he has pleaded his case before several state institutions but only received unfulfilled promises.

The man has been a laborer at the company for 18 years and has been seeking an office job since 2004.

Water company labor-union leader Angelica Navarette dismissed the man as a troublemaker whose demands are unfounded. She said the company has offered him better benefits but he refuses to compromise. We have to give the man an A for effort. You can give him your own grade for stupidity.

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