Hope on the Horizon for Mish Blight?

While the city is doing what it can to clean up the Lower Mission (including those life-saving lights), the violence-ravaged community is taking the Broken Windows Theory to its logical conclusion -- by literally fixing broken windows. Two abandoned Treat Street structures are blamed with attracting the criminal element that's continued to plague the area. The buildings have remained empty for years now due to an eviction under the state's Ellis Act, which requires the owner to wait up to ten years before re-renting a unit. Prior to 2005, landlords used Ellis as a backdoor to condo-conversion. While a representative for the owner said the city rejected a permit application to upgrade the building, they provided no further details. To combat more potential for blight in the Mish and elsewhere, the Supes will soon vote on a measure to mandate that owners of empty buildings do what they can to keep their buildings up to code -- or face fines. But until then, a beacon of hope: in a popular new voter-registering taco truck. Hey, maybe things are looking up for 23rd and Treat Street?
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