Illegal Immigration Is a Family Affair

Congressman Duncan D. Hunter recently caught fire when he ended a town-hall style meeting in San Diego calling for an end to illegal immigration by deporting U.S. born children of undocumented immigrant parents.

And his father , former Congressman Duncan L. Hunter, is famous for implementing his double fence at the border to keep people from crossing into the U.S. illegally from Mexico.

So if you watched the 60 Minutes story on the All-American Canal and heard John Hunter, (brother to the former congressman and uncle to the current) you'd probably think that family dinners ought to be pretty lively.

The All-American Canal is a deep waterway  on the California border to Mexico, near Yuma,  Arizona. Hundreds have drowned trying to cross the border illegally into the U.S.  

John Hunter, a life-long Republican believes lives shouldn't be lost no matter what their immigration status. For years he's been lobbying the Imperial Irrigation District to add safety features to the canal but nothing's been done, so he took matters into his own hands and pulled on a wet suit and strung a line of buoys across the water in an act of civil disobedience. 

The 60 Minutes piece points out John Hunter is a life long conservative Republican and is against an open border.

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