In-N-Out Secret Revealed

On a mission to create a signature Lure Burger, New York chef Josh Capon did a little reconnaissance at his boss's favorite West Coast Chain. He says he has the secret to the ever popular In-N-Out burger.

In the attached clip, Capon explains how he managed to slip into the kitchen after placing an order at an outlet in Las Vegas.

He says there's one little trick he picked up from the In-N-Out secret-op: After the patty goes on the grill, smear just the raw side with a healthy dose of mustard before flipping.

The Dijon flavor cooks off but the application deepens the flavor of the meat.  He says the method works on a grill too.

A few former In-N-Out workers have commented on this story and claim it is false.  They say the only thing that is used on the patty's is salt and pepper. They say mustard is used, but only for burgers ordered "Animal Style."

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