Interview: A Look Back at The Beatles’ Rise to the Top

An interview with Larry Kane, author of "When They Were Boys: The True Story of The Beatles' Rise to the Top"

There are few musical acts as legendary as The Beatles. Countless books have been written about the “Fab Four,” but a new book looks at their early years – from the time they were just teenagers until their breakthrough moment on “The Ed Sullivan Show.” 

The author is Larry Kane, who spent extensive time with the band in the early sixties and relives some never-before-told stories in his new book, “When They Were Boys: The True Story of The Beatles’ Rise to the Top.”
Watch our complete interview with Larry Kane, conducted by NBC Bay Area anchor Jon Kelley, in the video player at the top of this page.
Web Extra: John Lennon Weather Report
During the interview, Kane recounts the time (in 1975) that John Lennon stopped by the news studio and asked if he could do that evening’s weather report. Watch a clip below: 
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