Jamba Wants to Clown the Golden Arches

Jamba Juice is not happy about the shadow the Golden Arches is casting on its smoothie empire.

So the home of the whirl is doing something about it and smoothie lovers everywhere are the benefactors.

The Emeryville-based company is taking aim at McDonald's recent foray into the world of smoothies by promising to honor any smoothie coupon that Ronald McDonald hands out to you. Jamba even promises  to honor the free coupons.

Jamba Juice's ire is so deep the company introduced the Cheeseburger Chill smoothie, which thank God is not real. But lucky for us it leads to a $1 off coupon just in case we are scared of clowns. 

The offer is only available in select markets but all San Francisco locations are honoring the promotion until Aug. 15.

[Via Eater SF]

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