Just in Case, Your County Clerk is Open Valentine's Day

What more do we need during this economic crisis than love? Think about it, your local DMV office may be closed on Fridays and your mail carrier may not want to deliever on Saturdays anymore but your county clerk's office will be open and ready on Valentine's Day just in case you want to get married.

The San Mateo County Clerk's Office will open on Valentine's Day  for couples who want to marry on what may be the most popular day for  nuptials all year, according to Chief Elections Officer Warren Slocum.
The county clerk's office is not normally open on Saturdays but  plans to make an exception because last year 19 couples were married on  Valentine's Day, Slocum said.
Those who want to wed on that day are encouraged to reserve a spot  early. The Friday before Valentine's Day, Feb. 13, is also quickly becoming a  popular day to book a wedding.
The clerk's office holds a special tradition on Valentine's Day to  give every bride a long-stemmed red rose, Slocum said.
The San Mateo County Chapel offers an Internet connection to allow  those marrying to share their wedding with family and friends unable to  attend.
The clerk's office is located at 555 County Center in Redwood  City. Those who wish to make a reservation may call 650-363-4500, ext.  6063.

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