Keep the Bubbly Popping in the Air

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Did you know wine tastes different in the air than it does on the ground?

Any time you take off, your sharp sense of taste stays on the ground. The taste buds become tired, and they don't send the signals to the brain as quick.

American Airlines wine expert, Ken Chase says dry cabin air is the reason and the longer the flight, the less you taste. But there are ways to make up for the problem.

Chase recommends picking wines that compensate for sleepy senses.

"When we're selecting the wine, we have to make sure that to ensure that the wine is very seductive on the nose, very powerful in its flavors," he said.

A so-so chardonnay that's highly acidic on the ground would feel even more acidic in the air. And the Cabernet must have an exaggerated berry flavor to taste it.

Chase says the secret to keeping your taste buds awake on a long flight is to drink lots of water to stay hydrated.

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