LA Council Orders Snack Attack Against Arizona

L.A. City Council member Janice Hahn just unleashed the newest weapon in the war against Arizona's new immigration law: snacks.

That's it. Who knew a bag of pretzels or a box of chocolates would have the power to threaten so many jobs and so much money in Arizona? Who knew our council's new boycott of our neighboring state would be all that and a bag of chips?

The Los Angeles City Council just voted overwhemingly to boycott Arizona. 13-to-1 with one absence (Paul Krekorian). We'll show them. But of course, our beloved Los Angeles Lakers will take on the Phoenix Suns next week in an NBA playoff game, which is a little tough to boycott if you want to defend your NBA title.

Immigration is one thing, but it's not as big as basketball. So we asked Janice Hahn, who sponsored the boycott move, if Laker fans should stay away from Arizona, and watch Kobe and company battle Steve Nash and his teammates on TV.

She said she hoped the Lakers would only have to play two games in Phoenix, and she hoped that any fans who would go to the game would bring their own snacks, instead of pumping money into the Arizona recovery.


So, let's boycott Arizona, except for the 2 games the Lakers have to play in Phoenix, and avoid buying hot dogs and beer. That'll show Arizona we can't tolerate their intolerance of immigrants. Last time I looked, boycott was pretty much an all or nothing proposition. But of course that doesn't seem to apply to defending one's NBA title.

Maybe Ed Reyes, another councilman voting for the boycott, summed up the council's feelings, "We're not playing the governor, we're playing Los Suns."

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