Lil B’s NBA Hoop Dreams

Berkeley rapper pursues his love of basketball

Courtesy of Lil B

Brandon McCartney, aka Lil B, has already pursued and achieved several of his dreams at the age of 24. He became both a rap star and published author by the time he was 19. He's lectured at universities and, as his other alias Young Based God, is one of the Internet's most consistent pop culture memes.

But longtime observers of Lil B know that he also has big hoop dreams: he wants to make the NBA. In 2012, he tried out for the Santa Cruz Warriors, the Golden State Warriors' D-League team.

The narration in the video of his new song "Gotta Make the NBA" explains that he has to win 50 basketball games in order to have another chance to tryout for an NBA team. The lyrics of the song add that he's working through a recent injury, but nothing is going to stop him from following his passion.

Lil B is very prolific and has dedicated a whole mixtape to the subject of basketball. Hoop Life features songs like "NBA Stole My Swag" and "F*ck KD," the latter a diss song directed to Kevin Durant, a player with the Oklahoma City Thunder with whom he's had a public rivalry for a few years.

Check out the video for Lil B's "Gotta Make the NBA" below:

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