Avant-Garde Goes Back to the Garden With Linda Lowdermilk

The Los Angeles designer presents her eco-friendly luxury apparel at Clary Sage Organics

Clary Sage Organics treated San Francisco to a special visit from Los Angeles designer Linda Loudermilk on Thursday and taught us a thing or two about being eco-chic.

“When you get your inspiration from nature, it doesn’t look contrived,” Loudermilk says.

After achieving success on the Paris runways, Loudermilk switched gears in 2002 to develop what many credit as the world’s first eco-friendly luxury apparel line, and we’re certainly happy she did.

Now, seven years later, we just can’t get enough of her sustainable apparel (see the fall collection), made of innovative fabrics from plants such as bamboo and soy and manufactured using environmentally sound practices and fair labor standards.

Along with Linda Loudermilk, Clary Sage Organics carries environmentally-minded San Francisco fashion labels such as Mr. Larkin and Turk + Taylor, as well as its own collection of super soft organic yoga apparel designed by store co-owners Patti Cazzato and Daniel Kalish.

SF Indie Fashion Contributor Michelle Ruiz

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