Local Fragrance Without the Spin

Bay Area fashionista introduces us elizabeth W


Do you sometimes feel like a spinning top at days end? Spin no more.

There is a home-grown local fragrance company here in San Francisco that just happens to have an easy access retail store in our treasured Ghirardelli Square. Located on the plaza, just steps away from the fountain, is elizabeth W. This entrepreneurial perfumery is as gallant as its namesake, Elizabeth Wightman.

Sophisticated packaging compliments the carefully selected natural ingredients used in an assortment of euphoria elevating products.

A visit to elizabeth W motivates you to spa-style your surroundings. It’s quick, simple and very rewarding.
Think unwind and relax.

  • Phase 1: Fragrances for the home .... a must. Start with elegant room diffusors along with simple candles for atmosphere as well as aroma.
  • Phase 2: Drops of scented oil or fizz tablets for a luxurious bath and bars of soap for lathering.
  • Phase 3: Appealing containers of hand-wash, milky lotions and moisturizing body creams.

The crisp, clean scents available for all items seem almost endless, tuberose, lilac, rose, lavender, vetiver, magnolia and the whiffs go on.

Complete the makeover with attractive closet accessories. The collection, designed from natural linen and delicate sheer fabric, is a selection of unique hanger sachets, hanger covers and sweater bags.

Encircling yourself in bliss is not an extravagant splurge, its an investment in a lifestyle to include serenity.
And, its less expensive than a koi pond.

elizabeth W is located in San Francisco's  Ghirardelli Square and they are online at www.elizabethw.com

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