Los Rakas Plays Almost All-Ages Rap Show

Oakland duo hits Slim's on January 12

Mark those calendars: Dynamic rap duo Los Rakas headlines a live show at Slim's on Jan. 12.

For what surely plans to be the most lively almost all-ages music event of the week (open to patrons ages 6 and up), the Panama born and Oakland raised cousins Raka Rich and Raka Dun have planned a set of bilingual rhymes and a hybridized Latin sound that reflects the international melting pot of the Bay Area. Not that this is a kid's show; whether or not they plan to tone down any of the language or subject matter is anyone's guess, but their animated stage presence and infectious beats should appeal to all.

The show is supported by a performances by SF rapper A-1 and frequent producer Nima Fadavi; the latter opens with a DJ set. Los Rakas is working on a new album called Raka Party, expected out later this year.

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