MAC Relaunches Website

After what seems like over a year in the making, the iconic Hayes Valley retailer MAC has finally relaunched its website.

“We want to flirt with you, take you home and tease you with adventurous new belongings, as well as make sure you visit all the time with ever changing stylish thoughts and images,” reads the new’s mission statement.

While there’s no e-commerce yet, much like MAC itself, the site is filled with charming quirks, including a blog by Mattie Gates, short biographies of the high-end avant-garde designers sold at MAC, and a style-driven horoscope by Oracle V (ex: Whether you are single or committed, the universe has ignited the fires of passion like you’ve never experienced before. Turn up the heat in these Jil Sander fire pink tech-knit pants, they’re sure to set your love ablaze!).

Chris Ospital, one half of the lovely brother-sister duo that owns the shop, told us that more components, such as a list of the staff’s favorite places in the city, are yet to come, so be sure to check back often.

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