Man Hops From Moving Car During Chase

Man faces cocaine charge

A man trying to avoid time behind bars jumped out of a moving car during a police chase but was quickly captured and taken to jail, police said.

Jimmie Robinson, 23, faces several charges related to alleged cocaine possession and the pursuit, authorities said.

Police records show an officer attempted to pull Robinson's car over on Monday for an alleged traffic violation.

Robinson refused to stop the vehicle and led officers on a half-mile chase, a police report said.

In the area of Norwood Avenue and Interstate 80, Robinson's car slowed down and he hopped out, police added. The car safely rolled to a stop without hitting anything.

Investigators said Robinson attempted to escape on foot, but police took him into custody.

Authorities found Robinson to be in possession of two-tenths of a gram of cocaine.

Police said Robinson told officers he fled because he did not want to be arrested.

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