Marissa Mayer Buys IPhone 5s for Yahoo Staff

Yahoo chief Marissa Mayer reportedly announced to her workers that all  full- and part-time staff will get a new Apple, Samsung, Nokia, or HTC smartphone.

Mayer was considering doling out the new smartphones as a boost to morale (and to make sure she could contact everyone,) according to Business Insider.
The plan, dubbed "Yahoo! Smart Phones, Smart Fun!" gives employees a choice of:  iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S3, HTC One X, HTC EVO 4G LTE, or Nokia Lumia 920 -- and Yahoo pays for the data and voice plans. BlackBerry is now verboten.
According to the memo sent to employees, "Ideally, we'd like our employees to have devices similar to our users, so we can think and work as the majority of our users do."
For those employees stuck in the 2000s with a BlackBerry, it must be freeing. It will also help employees of a leading Internet company feel as if they are competitive with other companies rather than paired with a fossil of a smartphone.
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