Cain Gives Teammates Crown Royal

Matt Cain's gotten a lot of free stuff thanks to his perfect game: now he's going to give some out, handing all of his teammates a personalized bottle of Crown Royal XR.

After all, without Gregor Blanco making a ridiculous catch and Buster Posey managing the game from behind the plate, Cain couldn't have pulled off the feat. So he's hooking them up.

“Throwing a perfect game is a team effort – without those great plays by Melky and Gregor, it wouldn’t have happened,” said Cain. “I wanted a way to say thank you to the team for helping me accomplish this rare feet. Crown Royal’s new Extra Rare whisky seemed like the perfect fit.”

Typically speaking, whisky is a good fit anywhere. In this case, it's a particularly nice touch.

You see, Crown Royal XR retails for $129.99 (!) per bottle, and is brewed at the LaSalle Distillery near Montreal.

Secondly, Cain used the "Crown Society" to personalize the hoochy present. As you can see with Posey's bag below, every single member of the team will get their own embroidered Crown bag.

There's no guarantee that the whisky will last forever. Some people enjoy their drinks a little more slowly than others. But the good news is that long after all the Crown is drunk, those bags will remain.

So there's that.

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