Melky Surges Past Braun in ASG Vote

Two voting updates in, and we've got another Giants player who's found himself in a good position to start the 2012 MLB All-Star Game in Kansas City.

This time it's outfielder Melky Cabrera, who would end up having a pretty, pretty, pretty sweet little bit of revenge if he got a start in there.

The MelkMan was on the All-Star leader board when it was initially announced, but found himself in fifth place. A week later, Melky had hopped the Dodgers Andre Either into fourth place. And now, Melky's jumped past Milwaukee's Ryan Braun to move into third place in the outfield All-Star voting.

Cabrera was just 200,000 or so votes behind Braun last Tuesday -- now Melky's barely ahead of the reigning NL MVP, with 2,144,107 to Braun's 2,118,925. Matt Kemp, still on the disabled list, is cruising with 3,322,009 and former Giant Carlos Beltran has 2,652,980. It's possible Melky could catch Beltran but just holding off Braun seems like the more likely play here.

As you know, the top three in voting end up starting the game.

Elsewhere in voting news, Buster Posey, who jumped Yadier Molina last week, maintained his lead to start in KC, holding a lead of 2,445,005 votes to 2,291,567.

Pablo Sandoval is closing the gap on David Wright, now sitting just 360,000 or so votes behind the Mets third baseman. If Giants fans keep voting like they have, Panda will end up starting too.

In fact, if Giants fans keep voting like they have been, Brandon Crawford, who's less than a million votes behind Rafael Furcal for the shortstop lead, could end up starting the All-Star Game as well.

Now that would be worth a celebration.

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