Microsoft's Sadly Lame iPhone Non-Killer

"Project Pink" smartphones looking rather pale

Our old pals at Gizmodo snagged a chatty source from somewhere near (or inside) Microsoft, leaking upcoming products left and right. First we heard about that gorgeous tablet called Courier, and now their next scoop reveals a couple of phones from Microsoft's "Project Pink" that we mentioned to you earlier this week.

Aside from murky sketches, these renders are the first pictures of phones affectionately called Turtle and Pure. Both of these handsets will allegedly be made by Sharp. The rounded Turtle pictured above borrows a lot from the Palm Pre design, a slider with rounded corners and keys.

Keep in mind these are leaked pictures, and may not resemble the final product. Specifically, we're hoping Microsoft will go more in the direction it's taken with the slim and sophisticated Zune HD, rather than these jellybean-looking handsets. Whatever they look like, they'll probably have Zune services, an app store, and maybe a few more surprises. Take a look at one more pic — this one's called Pure:

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