Mike Relm Unleashes Ghetto Blaster

Bay Area DJ mixes more than music

To call the Bay Area's own Mike Relm a DJ is like referring to Gordon Ramsay as a line cook. Beats may be his basic stock in trade, but that’s only the start of what he does. More than just a mixer and beat-matcher, Relm whips up highly original mash-ups from ingredients as diverse as The Beatles, Tears For Fears, and Jay-Z. He's traveled the world on his own and with a stint as the opener for the Blue Man Group.

But it’s his integrated visual presentation where Relm truly excels; this man goes beyond the boundaries of music. If you want an indication of the wonders he can cook up with a few common garden ingredients (such as footage of the Joker from Batman), look no further than his Relmvision YouTube channel, where a clip remade from footage of the Old Spice Guy in the shower has clocked up well over 1.5 million views alone.

Relm will be serving his latest audiovisual feast Ghetto Blaster at The Independent on Jan. 25. D-Sharp (Sharp State of Mind and Gold State Warriors) and Miles the DJ (PopScene and Live 105) are on the menu as appetizers, but be sure to save room for the main course.

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