Mike Krukow Reacts to Madison Bumgarner's Issue With Max Muncy's Homer

Goodbye Yasiel Puig, hello Max Muncy. While Madison Bumgarner is still on the Giants, he has a new rival on the Dodgers.

The Giants ace took exception to Muncy admiring his deep home run into McCovey and barked at the Dodgers' first baseman as he rounded the bases Sunday afternoon in San Francisco.

"I looked at Kuip and I said, 'Man are we gonna miss this guy.' This guy is everything that the Giants are," broadcaster Mike Krukow said Monday on KNBR. "He's hard-nosed, he's old school, he's not afraid. ...It was just great."

Krukow took no issues to Muncy watching his 426-foot shot into the water, or Bumgarner's fiery ways. He agreed with the his fellow pitcher that everyone is fine with Muncy's reaction, they need to let Bumgarner continue to wear his emotions on his sleeve as well.

"They want to let everybody be themselves. Let me by myself -- that's me, you know?" Bumgarner said to reporters after the Giants' 1-0 loss

The Giants have grown accustomed to Bumgarner's antics. It's who he is and nobody within the organization has ever thought about changing him. 

"That's him. And everybody who plays behind him, they love that about him," Krukow said. "Everybody who wears the same uniform loves that and everybody who roots for the same uniform loves that. It's just setting the tone.

"He's as competitive as anybody I've ever seen."

Immediately after the incident, the majority of people on social media, and those who aren't Giants fans, took Muncy's side. He absolutely crushed a solo shot well into the water and he earned a long look at his work of art, the opposition argued. 

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But there's always two sides to a story. Whether you agree with Bumgarner's reaction or not, the Giants will miss the kind of edge he brings to the ballpark if he's sent packing by the July 31 MLB trade deadline. As losses have piled up in recent years, this team has become far too stagnant and boring. 

Bumgarner, however, has never been boring.

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