Mint Plaza: SoMa Success or BFD?

A reader writes in wondering what we think of Mint Plaza, now that it's nigh on a year and a half since the Euro-style alley of chillax opened. At the time, the developer wanted to turn Jessie Street at 5th into "little urban neighborhood."

Nowadays, the dank urine cloud that tends to inhabit Jessie along other blocks is nowhere to be found in Mint Plaza, and certainly many agree: one Chron writer was positively tickled by the orange chairs that "stipple the simply paved plaza," while critic John King gave it high marks even while calling it "truly off the beaten path."

With the Old Mint building slated to become a museum (oh... someday), porn studio out and a hotel coming in, Chez Papa, and Blue Bottle, much is changing for this humble alley.

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