Mirant: Gavin's Retrofit Plan to Get Thumbs Down

Looks like there's no end in sight for Potreto Hill's power plant squabble: Gavin's push to retrofit, rather than replace, Mirant Power Plant is headed for a swift burial at the Board of Supes meeting today. It's no secret the Supes have been against the idea all along— though the fact that Gavin actually agreed with them on the matter once upon a time makes it all the more ironic -- or something. Pushing Gavin's retrofit plan off a cliff won't do anything to put this issue to bed, though, as residents who are sick of breathing in the soot will still have to wait to see if a new, natural-gas-burning plant ever gets built. Or if the whole problem just gets punted in favor of replacing the city's underground wiring. The laugh test, as Aaron Peskin references, is getting a good workout these days.

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