Room for Rent– 80 Square Feet Is $1,000 a Month

The rental market gone wild has its latest poster child.

Closet door
NBC 6 South Florida

What would you pay to live near Dolores Park? What if we told you the kitchen was "solid," the view was "sweet," and you'd have four men under 30, all programmers, as your roommates?

Then what if we told you your room is 80 square feet -- and is $1,000 a month?

Only the Craigslist poster can say what the response has been like, but this most-recent example of a rental market gone insane made the rounds at SFist.

The 5-bedroom apartment has 2.5 baths, but the "bedroom" for rent couldn't be described in loftier terms than a "closet." Though it does offer a lofted bed, so you can have like a desk or books or whatever.

"It's pretty sweet, as long as you don't need a really big space," the post points out.

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